Interactive Urban Spaces, ‘IUS’

Identity / Visual System / Spatial Design / VR / Concept / Research

IUS proposes large scale interactive physical structures for urban environments. People can pass through the spaces and feel an emotional buzz or a spike in adrenalin. A moment of feeling that is dotted around the city, taking people away from their routine life and sparking some energy.

The initial focus is to create 5 physical installations around New York City based on the following concepts; Anxiety, Fear, Connection, Dreamstate and Performance. Concepts will be pushed towards both negative and positive emotions and most importantly taking humans away from dull cityscapes and repetitive daily routines. The Performance Concept will provide a free space for artists to perform.

Not everyone will feel the same way for each space, but they will act as a catalyst to ignite conversations within the local community and increase social interactions. Once funding has been established, the way will be paved for a collaboration with NYC Parks which will lead to the 5 spaces being installed with the intention to expand the installations to different locations throughout the city.

Virtual Reality walk-through︎︎︎
Parsons School of Design Thesis 2020︎︎︎

More projects coming soon!