Brand Identity / Visual System / Concept / Website / Event Visuals & Coordination

.jpeg is an invitation to meet the story behind the image. In a world where we are living through screens, scrolling for community, and swiping for relationships – .jpeg is a blast to the past, to simpler times. This experience is fusing new technology in a remarkable venue – setting the stage for unforgettable evenings with music & open bar. We are combining approachability & accessibility of the digital world with a nostalgic, one-of-a-kind offline physical experience.

.jpeg_1 was the beginning of our story. We invited our community to upload an image that “meant a lot” to them. An exercise in perceived value, we were able to extract information about our guests from a singular image. These insights fueled an experience that proved we are far more similar than we think — reinforcing the power behind an image.

An original experience by Meet The Edge.

Event Reels

More projects coming soon!